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American Space Museum and Walk of Fame

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American Space Museum

Exhibits: Inside the American Space Museum, in Downtown Titusville, you will find exhibits featuring many items donated by individuals, astronauts, space workers, NASA and space contractor companies. Our exhibit halls offer everything from spacecraft parts to astronaut suits to photos and working launch consoles. We even have Soviet Space Program memorabilia.

Educational Programs: We offer a variety of educational programs and are often a school field trip destination.

Space View Park Monuments

The City of Titusville’s Space View Park honors the space program with monuments, mission plaques and bronze handprints of six of the original seven astronauts. These monuments, plaques, and handprints were constructed by the foundation, placed in the park, and donated to the City of Titusville.

The Mercury,  Gemini,  Apollo, and Shuttle monuments are dedicated to the workers and astronauts of these space programs. Note: Each monument’s web page lists the engraved names and where to find them.

The In the Line of Duty monument is dedicated to the workers and astronauts who lost their lives during the space program. Note: The monument’s web page lists the engraved names and how they were lost.